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import & export rights. It is the largest manufacturer of 16-dehydropregnenolone acetate in the world, its annual output reaches 300 tons now, will be 600 tons in two or three years.
It is located at Huangshi city, Hubei province, China, on the south bank ofYangtze River, covers the area of 300000 square meters, owns the total assets of 200 million CNY, with the convenient transportation by highway, railway, and waterway in all directions, near Beijing-Zhuhai expressway,Daqing-Guangzhou expressway and Hangzhou-Ruili exrpressway, through which Shanghai-Chengdu expressway goes.
With the strong technical force, perfect quality management system and excellent corporate reputation, we have got the faith of customers at home and abroad. Our products reach international advanced level in quality, are being sold to USA, Germany, UK, France, Italy and India, and so on.
Based on the business philosophy “honesty, pragmatism, innovation and development”, we develop mutually with our customers, get the win-wins.

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